Services and Quality Assurance

We provide a wide range of services such as: mechanical, operation and maintenance, consulting, and other ones.  Our machinery stock contains the following:

  • CNC lathes - possibility of turning up to ɸ460 and part of length max 1030 [mm]
  • Waterjet with 6000x2000 [mm] table, cut material max 200 [mm] thick
  • Drill and milling machine with 1250x1160 [mm] table 
  • Universal milling machines - processing parts of width max. 500 [mm] and length max 1000 [mm] 
  • Sheet metal shear - for sheets of max 4 [mm] thick and max. 2000 [mm] long
  • Hydraulic press with the max. pressure 100 [t].
  • Sheet mill - sheet thickness of max. 8 [mm] and length of 2000 [mm] 
  • Pipe grinding and polishing machine
  • Neck tee pulling device for pipes with a wall thickness of max 4 [mm]
  • Plasma metal cutter - sheet thickness of max. 20 [mm]

We also offer welding small and large-size structural elements using the TIG, MIG/MAG, and gas welding methods.

Upon customer’s wishes we can also perform finishing treatment of stainless and acid-resistant steel: grinding, polishing, and abrasive blasting (glass blasting).


Quality Control

Our quality control department ensures that our customers receive the products fully compliant with their orders. The components are inspected at every stage of production. Our equipment enables us to measure:

roughness measurement

maximum accuracy up to 0.01 [mm] for the size range 0-1000 [mm]

maximum accuracy up to 0.1 [mm] for the size range 1000-4000 [mm]

Our equipment is regularly checked by the quality control department as well as by an independent calibration laboratory.  In order to manufacture more complex elements which  require greater accuracy we collaborate with the Research and Development Institute using Zeiss Contura G2 measuring machine with the following parameters:

CNC measuring machine with a measurement range of 700x1000x600 RDS probe holder reaching up to 20.736 spatial angle positions in 2.5-degree increments and of ±115-degree range in the pivot axis.  The CAA mode allows measurements at each of these specific setting without having to do any additional calibration. VAST XXT scanning probe allowing for spot measurement and scanning.  The probe accuracy is 0.2μm, max pressure: 1 [mN].

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