Cooperation of an international team of engineers resulted in creation of our GJ crushers. Our designers’ long-standing expertise allowed us to construct a modern machine, generating low operational costs, and available at competitive prices.

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Pendulum’s kinematic input has been improved, toggle jaws’ spread has been adjusted, the engine’s power has been ramped up. We have also widened our selection of available jaws to choose from contingent on the crushed material. All of the above factors have greatly contributed in improving the efficiency and the capacity of the machine.

Modular construction

Thanks to the crusher’s simple modular design it is possible to install the machine in places that are difficult to reach, which reduces the costs of transport and installation. The modular construction is equipped with removable support beams that enable the new equipment to be placed on top of the old one grading it at 12 degree angle.

Gap adjustment:

The Gap adjustment and customization is way easier, more precise and safer thanks to a system of wedges put in place. There is an option of using two gap-setting systems interchangeably: automatic-hydraulic system - the switch can be done operating from the machine’s console or by inserting a designated key.


Thanks to many years of experience in machine construction and repair we were able to manufacture customer friendly assembly and disassembly designed crushers. In this design we have used the technology based on the solid film lubricant wedges along with exchanging the gutter connection to keyed joint connection.

Longer periods between repairs

State-of-the-art construction materials have been used in GJ Crushers, which account to extended lifetime cycle of the machine and make it lighter. The over-sized bearings applied in our crushers allow for their extended failure-free operation. Crusher spare parts are designed to be easily replaced with small lifting devices, which can be supplied as accessories for the crusher - Hammer

Technical data:

Crusher Input diameter [mm] Gap [mm] Capacity [t/h] (operational value) Power [kW] Crusher’s weight without the drive/engine Crusher’s Body Type
GJ-3 300x200 6-30 up to 20 11-15 1400 Screwed or welded
GJ-6 600x300 20-70 up to 80 22-30 2800 Screwed or welded
GJ-7 700x400 40-110 up to 140 45-55 6800 Screwed or welded
GJ-8 800x500 50-125 up to 200 55-75 7900 Screwed or welded
GJ-9 900x600 75-150 up to 300 75-90 9500 Screwed
GJ-10 1000x750 80-200 up to 450 110-130 24000 Screwed
GJ-12 1200x900 120-300 up to 600 130-160 41000 Screwed

Granulometric composition of the product


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