Screening machines for fine materials allowing for screening materials ranging in size below 50 µm

GVS screening machines designated for fine materials allowing for screening materials ranging in size below 50 µm

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High-capacity screening machines are made to separate and divide the fine material. They use the movement of the sifting screen, only the shifting gears are at works, since there are no dynamic loads affecting the support structures, as a result we were able to rigidly connect feed hoppers and chute systems. 

The Screening machines make it possible to sift through material smaller than 50 µm

The vibrations are carried to the net of the screen followed by rotational vibrations of the cylinder equipped with a hammer arm. The machine can work on high speed with the sifting acceleration ranging up to 15g. The process guarantees the exact screening of self-adhesive materials. 

The motors that create vibrations enable to control the oscillation of vibrators for the screening machines extremely precisely creating infinite adjustment possibilities, resulting in an excellent ratio of vibrations’ amplitude to products’ properties. Each sifting deck is individually controlled and split up into various inlet and outlet sections. 

One can choose from one-, two- or three-decker screening machine options when choosing from our portfolio. 
Available deck’s sizes: width ranging from 1000 mm to 2000 mm and in length up to 6000 mm

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