The GFL screens are used for the highly efficient screening of difficult-to-screen, damp, clumping, and screen-sticking materials. In many cases, it is possible to replace the wet screening process - with a FLIP-FLOW (FLIP FLOP) screening - while eliminating the water circuit.


Thanks to the FLIP FLOW (FLIP FLOP) double tamping system, the material is sieved more effectively, efficiently, and without clogging the screen. The screen can be built in a single-, double- or triple-deck system with FLIP FLOW (FLIP FLOP) system placed on one or two decks, depending on the customer’s requirements.
The capacity of the screen's flip-flow deck reaches 40g (standard screen 5g).



  • Municipal solid waste
  • Construction
  • Glass Aggregate / Cullet
  • Food and organic materials residues
  • Slag Compost
  • Wooden products
  • Wood chips, sawdust, and wood
  • Pulp Mineral Processing / Aggregates
  • Sand Iron Ore / Copper Ore
  • Coal, fine carbon coke and iron ore Limestone and dolomite
  • Soil sieving
  • Basalts
  • Gypsum



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