GA steel linked-belt conveyors are used to transport loose materials ranging in granulation size, materials at various temperature, also for bench drilling of the raw-material from the hoppers. Slat conveyors are used in the heavy industry. 
Our conveyors are custom-made and designed to meet our customers’ needs and special requirements.


The superiority of the slat conveyors made by our company makes extending the service life cycle possible, allows for low maintenance costs, provides high impact resistance, feasibility to use hydraulic or mechanical drive, and what’s more hey are fit for operating at an up to 25 degree angle. There is also and additional feature that lets respectively apply a belt conveyor under the slat conveyor for better material recovery.

Technical data

Conveyor Width [mm] Length [m] Feed [mm] Capacity [t/h]
GA-63 630 4-25 380 90
GA-80 800 4-25 500 200
GA-100 1000 4-25 650 300
GA-140 1400 6-25 900 550
GA-160 1600 6-25 1100 700
GA-200 2000 6-25 1300 850


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