GR.....C.. Roller Crushers are designed for coal crushing. These crushers are highly efficient and very productive while generating low operating costs. Thanks to the use of 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm diameter rollers, their appropriate rotational speed, and proper teeth shape our crushers minimize the phenomenon of impact coal crushing and grinding. 

Crushers included in closed systems can be sealed and the crusher blower can be used to neutralize the explosion proneness of the area. 

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The correct ratio of the cylinder diameter to its length, proper engine power, an option to use different tooth shapes, the selection of appropriate cylinder speed, and the ability to use scrapers for cleaning the cylinders have all contributed to improving the performance of GR crushers.

Modular construction

Thanks to the crusher’s simple modular design it is possible to install the machine in places that are difficult to reach, which reduces the costs of transport and installation.

Overload protection

Thanks to two protection systems – mechanical or hydraulic and electrical – the crusher is protected against overloads and uncrushable materials. There is an option of using two gap-setting systems interchangeably: automatic-hydraulic system controlled by the machine’s console and a manual one.


Thanks to many years of experience in machine construction and repair we were able to design crushers easier to assembly and disassembly.

Longer periods between repairs

The GH crushers use state-of-the-art construction materials, which prolong the parts’ lifetime cycle and reduce the machine’s weight. The over-sized bearings applied in our crushers allow for their extended failure-free operation. Crusher spare parts are designed to be easily replaced with small lifting devices, which can be supplied as accessories for the crusher- Hammer.

Technical data

Crusher Rotor motor dimensions
Gap [mm] Max feed
Capacity [t/h] Power [kW]
GR-100C4 ø1000x400 10-100 130 do 30 2x15
GR-100C5-GT novelty goods ø1000x500 10-100 130 do 40 2x15
GR-100C10 ø1000x1000 10-100 200 do 150 2x37
GR-100C12-GT novelty goods ø1000x1200 10-100 200 do 180 2x37
GR-120C12 Ø1200x1200 15-120 260 do 200 2x45


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